Cekoya Actress, Diligent, Recording Artist, Performer, Designer, Software Design, Writer & More.


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Cekoya has participated as part of XME since 2005. Initially, Cekoya worked with CEO Branden Burch as an independant artist. As part of Branden's list of music partners, Cekoya recorded on India.Arie's 2 latest albums Testimony Vol. 1&2.

Eventually Cekoya went on to record her own music. After performing with her several times, the XME production team established a growing interest in Cekoya's work. This interest grew stronger as 7 years passed and Cekoya not only stayed close as an artist but married XME's CEO.

As a creative team bound together by similar interest and familial bonds, Cekoya and Branden established XME as more than just an audio engineering company. Together, they invested heavily into software and music business to create the multifaceted organizatoin XME is today.

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