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- My loops app has static when trying to play the loops: You are likely running on iOS 9 or below. As we support newer Apple devices, older ones become incompatible. Try updating your device to iOS 10 or above or purchase a newer model device when possible.

- How do I get my single started? Send us a message and we will produce amazing music for you right away!

- BeatPad kit-packs won't open after update... Tap "Restore" on the top right of the Kit Store and WAIT. The UI may freeze; this is due to a large download that is occuring inside the app. This can take a very long time depending on how many packs you have purchased. DO NOT exit the app during this wait. We will work on a way to avoid having to do this for every update. After 4.8 Update, due to XME being required to move the kit pack content within the app, you may have to 1-Email your important sessions to yourself. 2-Delete+Reinstall BeatPad. 3-Tap Restore in top right of kit store. 4-import your projects from your email into the restored BeatPad. We apologize for this. Downloadable content like this is moderately new to the AppStore and we are working with Apple to make things more consistant and cohesive with the iTunes & iCloud experience.

- BeatPad kit-packs won't download? Don't worry, leave the app open while you are downloading... It may say 0% but it is still downloading and will show complete eventually. Do not close the app during this time. Since you are now on this page, backup your good songs by emailing them, delete and reinstall BeatPad, then restore the packs. Wait even when one may say 0%. Goto settings/general/usage and clear space.


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